When Should You Replace Your Parma Hot Water Tank

Water Heater Replacement - Signs You Need A New Water HeaterWhen Should You Replace Your Parma Hot Water Tank?

Hot water is one of the luxuries we often take for granted because we just expect it to be available whenever we turn the tap to hot.  You’ve probably experienced the frustration of a cold shower or having to wash your dishes with cold water and it’s not something many homeowners want to go through again.  The hot water heater in your home is often hidden away and given very little attention until it’s too late.  Some hot water tanks can be repaired when they fail but generally if the water heater fails it’s a better idea to install a replacement.

So How Long Will Your Hot Water Tank Last?

Most hot water tanks will last about ten years, give or take a few years depending on varying conditions.  The frequency you use your hot water, what type of water you have (well water can cause early failures), and what type of hot water tank you have.  Typically the economy or lowest cost hot water tanks won’t be built too last a very long time.  A good quality water heater can sometimes last 15-20 years without replacement.

What Causes A Hot Water Tank To Fail?

That’s a good question, if you’ve had a hot water tank failure you likely want to try and avoid the problem from happening again to your new water heater but it’s not really that simple.  Hot water tanks usually fail because of something called “electrolysis”.  Your hot water tank has an anode rod inside that was designed to protect the tank from corrosion, it pulls the corrosive particles out of the water so they attack the anode rod, instead of the tank walls.  When the anode rod eventually breaks down, the lining or tank walls will begin to corrode, this can be difficult to spot until your hot water tank actually begins to leak.

So How Do You Know When To Replace Your Hot Water Heater?

#1.  Consider The Age Of The Tank:  Hot water tanks that are beyond 10 years of use are often on their last legs.  This isn’t necessarily true for every single hot water tank, but if your hot water tank is 10-15 years old it’s a good time to start budgeting for a replacement.  You might even want to be pro-active and just replace it, with a newer, and more efficient model if you really want to avoid having to deal with a failure.

If you’ve moved into a new-to-you home and you have no idea how old your hot water tank is there are charts available that can help you decode the serial number depending on the manufacturer and you can tell exactly how old the tank is.

Water Heater Dating Chart

#2.  Has Your Hot Water Tank Started Leaking?  Generally if the tank is leaking, not from an exterior fitting, but the tank itself, there isn’t any easy or cheap repair available.  A leaking hot water tank usually means you need to have it replaced.  Many times, if the installation wasn’t completely properly you could find a leak from exterior piping, and these are usually easily repaired by any competent plumber.

If your tank is leaking though it will usually start very small, almost unnoticeable if you aren’t paying careful attention to the hot water tank.  If you know your tank is old and will need to be replaced it’s always a good idea to give it a good once-over every month or so just to make sure you stay on top of a leak if one should occur.  These slow leaks can go sometimes go on for weeks and if your hot water tank doesn’t have a proper catch tray to get the leaking water it can cause damage to your home including flooring and drywall.

#3.  Is Your Hot Water Is Discolored?  If all of a sudden your hot water faucets start producing water this discolored this might be a sign your hot water tank is in trouble, especially if the water is rust-colored as this would give you a clear indication as to the condition of the inside of the hot water tank.  If both your hot and cold water is discolored then it could be a sign you have other plumbing problems going on that will need to be looked at by a professional plumber.

#4.  Has Your Hot Water Tank Stopped Producing Hot Water?  If you no longer have hot water available at your taps it could be for a number of reasons and it’s not always a failed hot water tank.  Sometimes it can be an electrical issue such as wiring that has come loose or a fuse that has blown.  Other times it could mean that your hot water tank has failed and a replacement is necessary.  If this is your problem it’s a good idea to call out a professional plumber unless you know a lot about household electrical and feel confident troubleshooting the issue on your own.

What Type Of Hot Water Should You Buy?

This is a very good question and one we’re often asked by our customers.  The answer is usually buy the best hot water tank that you can afford, especially if you plan on living in your home for many more years.  There are dozens and dozens of brands of hot water heaters on the market and they can range in price quite a bit.  In order to decide what’s best for you there are a few questions you’ll need to answer.

  • What is your budget for a hot water tank?  They can widely vary in price!
  • How much hot water do you need?  20 gallons? 40 gallons? 60 gallons? or even 80+ gallons?  If you have a large family and frequently use hot water buy the biggest tank your budget and available space will allow.
  • Is a long warranty important to you?  Some hot water tank brands have much better warranties than others.

Buying a hot water tank replacement can be confusing with so many products on the market.  At 1st Choice Plumbing And Drain we’re happy to provide you with our best recommendations based on your specific situation, taking into account your budget, your available space for the hot water tank, and what your hot water needs are.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters Or Standard Hot Water Heaters?  Which Is Best?

This is another question we’re often asked by our customers and there really isn’t a right answer for everyone.  Again your specific budget and hot water requirements are going to be the deciding factors in which type of water heater will be best for you.  As a general rule, tankless hot water heaters are significantly more expensive up-front, and may require special installation considerations such as gas hookups.  They do last quite a bit longer than a standard tanked hot water heater because they aren’t designed to “store” hot water, rather they create the hot water on demand, this usually causes them to wear quite a bit slower.

If you need a hot water tank quickly and you’re looking for the most economical choice in the short-term, than a standard hot water heater is usually your best bet.

Sewer and Drain Camera Inspections1st Choice Plumbing And Drain Replaces Hot Water Tanks

We specialize in replacing and installing hot water tanks for homeowners in Parma, Cleveland, North Royalton, and the rest of Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  Whether you need an emergency hot water heater replacement or you are being pro-active and would like to discuss your replacement options before a failure we’d be happy to help.  We only sell and install name brand, quality hot water heaters from the nations most trusted manufacturers.  We also provide our residential customers with a 2 year warranty on our workmanship and we have other warranty options available too if you are concerned with having peace-of-mind.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to replace your hot water heater please give us a call 440-812-1888 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back to you and schedule a time.

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