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Sewer and Drain Inspections in Broadview HeightsPlumbing Inspections in Broadview Heights, Ohio.

When your sewer or drain system becomes clogged or has a problem (usually because it’s clogged!) the first step in sorting our an appropriate repair is to send a camera down the line for a video inspection so we can actually see what has caused your sewer problem.

Sewer Inspections For Home Buyers in Broadview Heights, Ohio

Do you already own, or are you thinking of purchasing a home in the Broadview Heights area of Ohio?  If the home is 15-20 years old and relies on the municipal sewer system for waste water and sewage disposal then it might be a good idea to have the sewer system inspected by a professional plumber with a camera system.  Especially if the home is more than 20 years old because any problems with the sewer system on your end of the hookup will be your responsibility and not the town should there be any problems that arise.  Fixing a sewer system can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

Not having a sewer inspection completed before you buy a home is a mistake that ends up costing some unlucky buyers many thousands of dollars in repairs to their sewer system.

Why Inspect The Sewer Lines In Your Broadview Heights Home?

On older homes it’s not uncommon for plumbing problems to develop slowly over many years.  You don’t want to take possession of a home that is about to experience some expensive plumbing problems do you?  Most people don’t.

Are there trees or large shrubs in the yard within close proximity to your sewer lines? If the answer is YES then this is reason enough to have an inspection done on the sewer system because tree roots are one of the main issues homeowners will face with their sewer and drain systems. The roots work their way into the pipes via a small crack, break or even a hole in the pipe and this often occurs where two pieces of pipe join together.

Once the roots get inside your sewer system and they find the nutrient rich water the roots expand into giant root balls in your sewer system. These gradually catch everything going down your drain and will eventually clog the pipe. As the roots continue to grow, they literally destroy the sewer piping, tearing it apart slowly, forming cracks and breaking it down.  This can cause major problems for the unsuspecting homeowner, as in tens of thousands worth of problems.

There are many homes in the Broadview Heights area that were built prior to 1950. If you’re looking at possibly purchasing one, it may have sewer lines made from a material called Orangeburg. This is an old building material that is no longer used today.  The material disintegrates over time and will eventually collapse. The sewer line will need to be replaced, and you’ll want to know this before you buy!

Why Hire A Plumber To Inspect Your Broadview Heights Sewer System?

If you are having issues with your plumbing right now that go much beyond repairing with a plunger then give us a call right now.  If you are looking at buying a home in the area then you should know that plumbing, drain and sewer systems are usually not inspected (at least very thoroughly) by a building or home inspector as part of any real estate transaction.  You don’t want to live under the allusion that if the home inspector say’s everything is OK that it really is.

When you have a professional plumber come to the home you are thinking of buying we can run an inspection camera down the sewer drain for you and we’ll be able to visually see any problems with the lines.  Worst case scenario is you discover a problem, the best case scenario is the lines are clear and working perfectly fine.   Having this knowledge about your sewer system provides you with some leverage in your deal as well and in some cases can even have the necessary repairs worked into the deal for closing, but you’ll need to speak to your realtor about that.

Who Does Sewer Inspections For Home Owners in Broadview Heights Ohio?

review-1st-choice-plumbing1st Choice Plumbing and Drain is a full service plumber specializing in sewer and drain inspections throughout Broadview Heights and the surrounding area. If you’re a realtor, or first time home buyer give us a call when you’ve found a place you’d like to make an offer on.

We’ll come out and do a thorough inspection of the system and provide you with a complete report on the sewer and drain system health so you can buy with confidence or at least have some bargaining power in your corner if you find something negative but would still like to buy the home. Plumbing can be fixed, it’s just not fun getting the surprise bill when you had no idea it might be coming.


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